Information Overflow

Managment is swamped by information overflow, ref.: S. Goldberg, Boston Globe, Aug. 15, 1991

About 15 years ago this cartoon drew attention to the situation of managers who were swamped by a flood of information with which they were apparently unable to cope.
Nowadays, the situation has hardly improved, notwithstanding (or perhaps because of) the emergence of computerized data handling and electronic communication.
It seems as if our managers have now been almost completely flooded by the incessant flow of data and information, given the observation that they are only rarely seen on the work floor, tied up as they are at their computer screens and by countless meetings.

In this presentation we discuss an approach that can be helpful in dealing with this state of disarray.

First we give a brief historical and somewhat philosophical introduction to the subject of Multivariate Data Analysis (MDA), then we discuss in more detail the particular method of Spectral Map Analysis (SMA), also referred to as Log-Ratio Analysis (LRA). We conclude with an artistic view on how we try to understand the ever changing and multivariate world around us.

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Date created: December 14, 2005.         Date last modified: September 6, 2006.