Children's Spectral Map

Drawing by five-year old Eva, representing the house she lives in

Children between the ages of about 3 and 12 make use of mappings in order to understand the world in which they find themselves living in.

The drawing is by Eva, the daughter (then five years old) of the authorís former personal assistant. The central part of the picture probably represents the place where children play, which is situated in the middle of the living room. Mother does not seem to be happy with the state of disorder that reigns in the house.

Unfortunately, when growing up, children may loose contact with these representations of their inner world. Edward De Bono, Betty Edwards and others have proposed that this is due to a shift of predominant mental activity from the right to the left part of the brain at the end of childhood.

The right part of the brain is thought to be more artistic and associative (lateral), while the left one is believed to be more rational and structured (logical).

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Date created: December 20, 2005        Date last modified: September 6, 2006